LJ Leathers has a small range of saddles. These are produced in Argentina, a country with a long tradition of saddle manufacturing.

The leather:

Our saddles are all manufactured in vegetable-tanned “pre-oiled” cowhide leather so that already on the first ride the saddle feels comfortable. This leather also has a long service life with correct use and care.

Quality check:

All our saddles are checked for “straightness” via laser before leaving the factory so you can be sure that your saddle will lie straight on your horse when you buy it.  

Type of panels:

Most of our models are available with both wool-filled or latex cushions. For the saddles whose cushions are filled with latex, the cushions obviously cannot be adjusted. In turn, the models with wool-filled cushions give the advantage of being able to be adjusted at the height of the cushions.

 Tree type:

Depending on the model, we work with either a wooden or a synthetic tree. However, all have a metal head iron that is adjustable under a press.


Adjusting your saddle:

Are you interested in our saddles, but would you prefer professional advice? No problem, we collaborate with several equestrian shops and saddle fitters. Fill in the form below and we will put you in touch with a professional in your area. (Only valid for Belgium)

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