Tine Magnus met Dia en Dizzy

In the world of equestrian sports, the partnership between a rider and his horse is nothing short of magical. It’s a connection founded on trust and skills, even more in the Eventing sport, where the equipment is highly solicited. At LJ Leathers, we recognize the importance of this bond, and we are absolutely thrilled to introduce our new brand ambassador, Tine Magnus, will proudly ride all her horses with our bridles.

Meet Tine Magnus: A Belgian Equestrian Star

Tine Magnus, born and raised in Merchtem, near Brussels, lives and works with her family on a farm where chicory is grown and packed. Everyone is familiar with mini chicory, which in many cases comes from the Magnus family farm. Her journey in the world of horses began at young age, and her passion for these magnificent animals ignited her path towards the cross country.

With hard work Tine has worked her way to the top of the Belgian Eventing sport. In 2022 she became for the first time Belgian Champion with her horse Champagne Pia Z. In the stables she also has some young upcoming stars such as Dia van het Lichterveld and Dizzy van het Lichterveld. Meanwhile, Tine is also on the “long list” for the Paris Olympics in 2024 for which Belgium may send a team.

Eventing is a hard sport, both for rider and horse, where dressage, jumping but especially cross country demands a lot of training and determination. Tine Magnus personifies the very essence of LJ Leathers, a brand committed to craftsmanship and a profound love for horses.

Why Tine Magnus Chooses LJ Leathers

Selecting the right equipment for her horses is of big importance to Tine. She understands that every piece of tack plays an important role in the rider-horse partnership. Thus, she has chosen LJ Leathers as her trusted partner on this remarkable journey. LJ Leathers has long been renowned for crafting bridles and equestrian gear with high quality standards. Our dedication to utilizing the finest materials, precision craftsmanship, and meticulous attention to detail mirrors Tine’s pursuit of excellence. When Tine rides with LJ Leathers bridles, she knows she’s riding with the very best.

Tine Magnus and LJ Leathers: A Harmonious Union

Tine Magnus and LJ Leathers share a common vision—a vision steeped in excellence, unwavering commitment, and an abiding affection for horses. As our brand ambassador, Tine will not only ride with our bridles but will also collaborate closely with our team, providing invaluable insights, feedback, and inspiration.

Through this exciting partnership, we aim to deliver bridles and equestrian gear that resonate with Tine Magnus’s expertise. Our commitment to innovation and craftsmanship will be further enriched by Tine’s unique perspective and vast experience.

Tine Magnus is not just LJ Leathers’ brand ambassador; she symbolizes what our brand stands for. Her unbridled passion for the equestrian sport and her unwavering dedication to her horses perfectly mirror our commitment to crafting top-notch equestrian gear. With Tine Magnus on board, LJ Leathers is poised to reach new pinnacles of excellence..

Let’s create unforgettable moments together in the world of equestrian sports and experience the #RoadtoParis2024 with Tine.

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