Young horses healthy through the winter:

Autumn has arrived and the winter months are just around the corner. For many horse owners, this means extra work. Not everyone is lucky enough to be able to keep their horses outside on dry paddocks, breeders in particular experience this period as a busy time.

Foals are weaned, yearlings and 2-year-olds are taken to the stables for the winter, and the first 3-year-olds are introduced to saddling. Stabling all these young horses and ensuring sufficient exercise requires a lot of organisation. More importantly, we must not forget the essential aspect of nutrition!

In addition to sufficient exercise, these young animals need access to high-quality roughage, such as hay or haylage. In addition, a balanced concentrate feed that meets their needs is essential for their nutrition. What is often missing in winter and what they often do not get enough of are essential minerals and trace elements.

In summer, young horses graze mainly on well-maintained pastures, which contain the necessary trace elements and minerals essential for their healthy growth and development. These nutrients decrease as winter approaches and less grass grows on pastures. Hay or hay harvested in summer retains these necessary minerals and trace elements to a lesser extent. Therefore, it is especially important to provide young animals, which during this period receive only hay or haylage as basic forage, with these building materials in the form of nutritional supplements.

EQUISTRO® MEGA BASE to the rescue !

One of these dietary supplements is EQUISTRO® MEGA BASE, a balanced mineral feed for horses developed to meet their nutritional needs. It can help cover basic mineral requirements for all horses. By adjusting the daily dose, increasing needs during the rearing period can be met.

EQUISTRO® MEGA BASE contains 3 trace elements together with fat-soluble vitamins. The components have been specifically selected to optimally supply the skeleton, connective tissue and articular cartilage with these key elements, supporting the growing horse’s development. MEGA BASE contains calcium and phosphorus at adjusted levels, as well as important vitamins, minerals and readily assimilated trace elements (IPALIGO®) and pre-biotics (ACTIGEN®).

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