Assist by Jan Symons©

© Jan Symons

In collaboration with Pro Selected by LJ, Belgian trainer Jan Symons has developed a range of training aids that are entirely dedicated to the well-being of the horse.

The man behind the development

With over 40 years of equestrian experience, Jan Symons is the trainer of the sport’s Jumping Champions. Jan was at the foundation of multiple sportive careers. As a rider he trained horses for the Olympic Games of Los Angeles, Barcelona, London, Rio de Janeiro… also Tokio was on the program.

Every time the Belgian trainer focusses to emphasize the bond between horse and rider. Always with a focus on the nature of the horse. This was already translated in some major equestrian sportive highlights. The list with references seems endless, but impresses with Philippe Le Jeune, Jos Lansink, the family Philippaerts, Marlon Zanotelli, Jérome Guery, Pieter Devos, etc.

From his extensive experience and continuous search for connection between horse and rider, these training aids were developed. Resulting in the horse-friendly ASSIST products.

A set of three training aids that assist both horse and rider in their development. Important is the focus on the horse welfare support.

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